About Us

Die Boskapel was the brain child of owner and manager Engela. When her eldest daughter got engaged in 2000 she thought it would be simply magical to build a small chapel on their family farm for her daughter to get married in. Together with her husband Francois, they quickly started making work of clearing a piece of ground between the luscious forest of black wattle trees they had on the farm.

Doing everything themselves, and by hand, the progress was slow and due to a few judgement errors, the small little chapel turned out not so small.

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The Small Beginnings

Despite the fact that the construction was not finished in time for their eldest daughter to get married in the Chapel, they decided to proceed with development and sourced their very first couples in 2001.


Since then the business has slowly been growing and they added to the Chapel little by little until it became the wondrous woodland wedding destination it is now. Both of their younger daughters eventually did get married at Die Boskapel, as well as over 500 other happy couples since 2001.


The business is still family run and we strive to keep it as un-commercialised as possible. Some of our suppliers, specifically Trudi who prepares our delicious food, has also been with us so long that we consider her to be family as well.


When you visit our venue we hope that you feel just as at home with us as you do with your own family.